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The Beer Man
Logo Design


The Beer Man is a local Ottawa business. They are a beer, wine, and liquor delivery service. There is a lot of competition in this business so sleek and recognizable branding is very important.


The main target audience is students - people who drink and throw parties often. Also people with disabilities or who lack transportation. The demographic is generally mid-low income, largest market for alcohol is in white males 19-45, often college and university students. The tone has to be young and fresh, simple but creative and portray the right key message. The key message is simple, fast, effective. A big creative consideration is that there is an obvious problem of creating something that looks like it represents mixing alcohol and driving.


The first round of sketching included 30 original concepts. None should be similar in any way. The second and third round included 30 more sketches each. The second and third round were for delving deeper into specific concepts.

Going Digital

Many of the sketches were brought into illustrator. This stage was to quickly make minor or large adjustments to the options. This helped show how each logo might look in different cases — large, small, reverse, etc.

Refining Finals

At this point two final options have been chosen and brought into illustrator for production. Both of these options will be critiqued and one eventually chosen.

Final Production

With one logo chosen, it is refined. The logo moves from black and white to color. Vertical and horizontal options are created. Eventually, guidelines and stationery were created for its use.